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One Last Brew Day In Before The Grapes Arrive



What do you use to make your wine?  

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  1. 1. What do you use to make your wine?

    • Grapes from my own vines or fruit I grow.
    • Grapes / fruit I purchase at a nearby vineyard / orchard.
    • I buy juice from a winery.
    • I use conentrate "kits".
    • I use frozen concentrates from the supermarket.
    • I use what ever I can find around the house.

Decided to do my first IPA. It was supposed to be an IIPA, but my 5 gallon mash tun really limited my efficiency (67%). I guess I could have boiled all afternoon to get the gravity down but really didn't feel like it. At 1.066 it will make a nice upper end straight IPA.


During the course of mashing and boiling I also bottled (15) and kegged (a full 5 gallons) my Hefeweizen, as well as harvested two more batches of yeast from it. I think that will be the last from the 3333 German Wheat - it's in the 5th generation now and it hold me through the summer. I think next time I'll they the Weihenstephan strain.


Grapes are supposed to arrive this weekend at M&M. Perfect timing - I'm going to PA for my daughter's graduation Saturday and was worried they'd come in this week and have to figure out some way to keep them...


Now I just need to bottle my Island Mist Strawberry White Zin and the Skeeter Pee before it's time to press so I have enough carboy space.

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Sounds like a busy weekend, but a fun one none the less. IPA's are fun to brew...lots of potential. My only sugestion is to limit the amount of oxygen exposure, hard to do, but if you are conscious of it it might make a difference in the final product. Now it's time for my first wine. This weekend with only a very limited quantity of grapes


Any recommendations for a first timer with a little bit of beer knowledge?

12 lbs of saugvinion blanc grapes, still with vine. fresh cut yesterday.

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