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  1. Decided to do my first IPA. It was supposed to be an IIPA, but my 5 gallon mash tun really limited my efficiency (67%). I guess I could have boiled all afternoon to get the gravity down but really didn't feel like it. At 1.066 it will make a nice upper end straight IPA. During the course of mashing and boiling I also bottled (15) and kegged (a full 5 gallons) my Hefeweizen, as well as harvested two more batches of yeast from it. I think that will be the last from the 3333 German Wheat - it's in the 5th generation now and it hold me through the summer. I think next time I'll they the Weihen
  2. Summer is coming, time to get a Hefe going. Brewed up an all grain batch Saturday, using 35% German Pils and 65% German Wheat. Sparge didn't stick, but it was slooow even with my SS braid. Guess I should get some rice hulls for the future.... Two additions of Hallertau - at 45 & 15 minutes. Made a total of 6-3/4 gallons and canned two one-quart jars (diluted to 1.040) for future starters. This should give me a pretty solid six gallons of finished product - 2 six-packs for gifts and picnics and almost a full keg. Used some yeast harvested last September from my last batch, a Wye
  3. Well I got a huge tax refund this year, so I am taking that as a sign that it's time to pick up where I left off last August when a leaking water heater thwarted my fall plans. After putting away the bulk of it for a new roof this spring, property taxes this fall and next year's heating fuel (did I mention it was a huge refund?) I am planning on sending a good chunk of change to M&M. In addition to the Chilean fruit (8 lugs each Pinot Noir and Cab Sauv, 3 of Chard and 2 of Cab Franc), I'm ordering a manual crusher-destemmer(!) and a 40L bladder press(!!) not to mention a few more carboys a
  4. DavidW

    Brew Day

    It's March - time to start a Marzen/Oktoberfest! Made 6.25 gallons (at 80% brewhouse efficiency!) this afternoon. I was shooting for 6 gallons at 1.052 and ended up with 6.25 at 1.057. By the time I added my half gallon starter (I didn't feel like waiting for it to settle out), I had 6.75 gallons at 1.056. The basement is just a bit too warm. So I've got it in the garage (about 35) with a brew belt and blanket to hold it at 50. Will have to keep a close eye on it to make sure it stays around 50-53. While I was waiting for the mash, boil and chill I also prepped and kegged/bottled my Bl
  5. DavidW

    Kegged The Pils

    Well, after lagering for about two months I kegged my first all grain pilsner. I did a step mash using my new steam infusion method which makes use of a pressure cooker. Once I figured out you need to really crank the valve open to get enough steam out it worked great. So anyways, this is actually the very first pilsner of any sort that I've made and I think it's going to be pretty good. Even though my water is not the greatest for light beers (8-12 SRM is the best fit without modification according to Palmer's chart), I didn't actually know that when I brewed this up and so I didn't add a
  6. DavidW

    Brewery Update

    Today I brewed up a batch of Black Pearl Porter. I ended up having to do a thick mash and double batch sparge in order to fit 13# of grain in my 5 gallon igloo. It came out decent though - I got 72% brewhouse efficiency and put about 5.25 gallons in the primary at 1.063. I was worried about my yeast - I did a starter on a batch of Irish Ale yeast I had harvested from my last batch of Oatmeal Stout. It never really seemed to take off, though there was some sign of life in the 12-24 hour period. No krausen though, and no foam at the 36 hour point when I pitched it. But after 12 hours the
  7. Well, we all have to start somewhere... Here's the status of the cellar ATM: WINE Bottled: I've got (the remains of) seven kits bottled and in my new wine rack: My very first kit - a Washington Reisling is down to the last bottle. I stuck in in the back to save for another year or so... The California Trinity Red has also been a big hit, and as it was one of the earliest ones I made it got hit pretty hard early on. Almost out of Strawberry White Zinfandel "Mist Kit" that the ladies seem to looove, so I just ordered another one to get cooking before summer hits. The Merlot is fin
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