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Hefeweizen In The Bucket



Summer is coming, time to get a Hefe going.


Brewed up an all grain batch Saturday, using 35% German Pils and 65% German Wheat. Sparge didn't stick, but it was slooow even with my SS braid. Guess I should get some rice hulls for the future.... Two additions of Hallertau - at 45 & 15 minutes.


Made a total of 6-3/4 gallons and canned two one-quart jars (diluted to 1.040) for future starters. This should give me a pretty solid six gallons of finished product - 2 six-packs for gifts and picnics and almost a full keg.


Used some yeast harvested last September from my last batch, a Wyeast #3333 German Wheat. Pitched at 68°, within 12 hours it was chugging away. In my 61° basement the ferment kept it about 68-69 until it slowed down after about three days, perfect temps for this yeast. Now it's just burbling, and about 61-62°. Two weeks and this puppy should be ready to bottle/keg.


Ah, summer.


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