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Chilean Plans 2010



Well I got a huge tax refund this year, so I am taking that as a sign that it's time to pick up where I left off last August when a leaking water heater thwarted my fall plans. After putting away the bulk of it for a new roof this spring, property taxes this fall and next year's heating fuel (did I mention it was a huge refund?) I am planning on sending a good chunk of change to M&M. In addition to the Chilean fruit (8 lugs each Pinot Noir and Cab Sauv, 3 of Chard and 2 of Cab Franc), I'm ordering a manual crusher-destemmer(!) and a 40L bladder press(!!) not to mention a few more carboys and and 10 cases of bottles.


Guess I better get to "work" bench trialing the blends of my spring 2009 wines to make room...




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