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Kegged The Pils



Well, after lagering for about two months I kegged my first all grain pilsner. I did a step mash using my new steam infusion method which makes use of a pressure cooker. Once I figured out you need to really crank the valve open to get enough steam out it worked great.


So anyways, this is actually the very first pilsner of any sort that I've made and I think it's going to be pretty good. Even though my water is not the greatest for light beers (8-12 SRM is the best fit without modification according to Palmer's chart), I didn't actually know that when I brewed this up and so I didn't add anything to my mash water. It's pretty light and has a beautiful crisp taste. Can't wait until it carbs up!


Next project - build a collar for my keezer so I can hook all three kegs up to gas at the same time, and then put some taps in so I don't have to open the top and use the picnic taps any more...



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Congratulations on the Pils. I have my very first AG Lager currently fermenting in my basement at 52 degrees F. Perfect temp, but to get it, I have to use any area of my basement not typical for fermenting. I intend to name this Lager "SH@# Faced Lager" roflmao.gif. Well not really, but you get the picture, don't ya! luxhello.gif


Again, congratulations on your first Pils.

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