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    Making Homemade Wine, Beer, Vinegar & Laundry Detergent. I have acquired all of these skills by being a member here.
  1. Happy Easter Bud, hpe all is well. Are you doing any Chileans this year?

    God bless, Ed

  2. bmckee56

    Kegged The Pils

    Congratulations on the Pils. I have my very first AG Lager currently fermenting in my basement at 52 degrees F. Perfect temp, but to get it, I have to use any area of my basement not typical for fermenting. I intend to name this Lager "SH@# Faced Lager" . Well not really, but you get the picture, don't ya! Again, congratulations on your first Pils.
  3. In Coraopolis, PA

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