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Getting Up To Date




Well, we all have to start somewhere...


Here's the status of the cellar ATM:




I've got (the remains of) seven kits bottled and in my new wine rack:

My very first kit - a Washington Reisling is down to the last bottle. I stuck in in the back to save for another year or so...

The California Trinity Red has also been a big hit, and as it was one of the earliest ones I made it got hit pretty hard early on.

Almost out of Strawberry White Zinfandel "Mist Kit" that the ladies seem to looove, so I just ordered another one to get cooking before summer hits.

The Merlot is finally getting somewhere. It was kinda flabby and "kool aid"-y for a while but it's not half bad now.

Rosso Fortissimo (full "grape pack" high end kit) is quite good - maybe half gone already tho...

Old Vine Zinfandel has been really nice all the way through with one exception maybe two-three months after bottling.

Pomegranate Zinfandel (Mist kit) is so-so. Prolly won't make it again, though maybe it just needs some more time. Got spoiled by the SWM.


Bulk aging:

'07 Suisan Valley Malbec is due to be bottled before too long - started in March of '09.

'09 Chilean Cabernet and Merlot also close to done. These were started in Spring 2009.

Will probably blend most of the above - find a percentage that tastes good and bottle all I can that way, with the remains bottled as varietals.




Well, now that the Dunkelweizen is almost gone (I think I have about two sixers left) it's all of a sudden coming into its own. I actually like it now!



The Smooth Oatmeal Stout was awesome. Unfortunately it's almost all gone. Prolly 3-4 pints left, plus a few bottles. Gotta make some more, or maybe a Porter.

Bavarian Hefeweizen never cleared. I know, it's supposed to be cloudy, but it's VERY cloudy. And earlier batches have cleared enough so that you have to shake it up to get any sediment back. I suspect I didn't get complete conversion - will be doing the iodine test in the future.

Irish 70 shilling is just tapped. It, too, is a bit cloudy, even though it was in primary for like four weeks and it's been in the keg for over a month waiting for a tap. See above.


In process:

I've got a German Pilsner lagering. It could be kegged by now, but I don't have an empty... When I had it in primary it looked like it was going to be a real nice light straw color, but in the Better Bottle it looks kinda dark and not very clear. This is the first batch I made with my bulk grain and new mill. Guess I'll see when I get it into a keg and tap it out.



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