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    Hello all, I have been reading the wine press forums for a year, lurking in the darkness, learning all I can. So now I feel I should introduce myself. Over a year ago I bought my wife and I a farm in northern Kentucky. She is a horse person and we will eventually have horses a few years from now. I, on the other hand, am not. Nor am I a farmer, or ever lived on a farm. What am I going to do with a farm? I am a busy professional ( as is my wife ), but it would be a waste to not do anything. I have always loved wine. Grapes? Wine? Wow, it could happen. We have one cleared field facing Southeast, 15 degree slope, in sight of the Ohio River. A reasonable person would plant a few vines, see how they do, and expand slowly if work hours permit. Well.... I'm not that reasonable. Yes I did tons of research and vineyard/winery visits. I read everything I could. May 2nd we put in 198 vines. Six rows of 33 vines each as follows: Riesling 33 Dornfelder 33 Cayuga 33 Noiret 33 Corot noir 33 Traminette 11 Steuben 7 Moores diamond 7 Mars 2 Marquis 2 Vanessa 2 Jupiter 2 They are growing. I am amazed. The adventure begins. Hope we all enjoy the ride.
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