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  1. What is this?

    1. Doug70


      Chuckie68: are you still making wine in the middletown area? I have a few qu"s for you if you have some time.

  2. wow Great photos! such a lovely vineyard!

  3. I often use both. I like grapes because I have the neighborhood kids stomp them and we make a party out of it. If you add a bucket of juice to the grapes, it extends it and you can still win awards.

  4. I did the grapes last year Malebc and Cab. Time and money issues caused me to do the juice this year. I am not happy at all with the juice.

  5. Thanks. I use grapes and juice and I'm getting impatient. Good luck. I use malbec by itself and for blending with cab and syrah.

  6. I got it from Keystone Homebrew in Montgomery PA.

  7. May I ask where you got your juice. My supplier tells me that we are looking at next week for Chilean juice and grapes.

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