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2010 Russian River Merlot - Iron Oaks Vineyard

Peter Lynch


What do you use to make your wine?  

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  1. 1. What do you use to make your wine?

    • Grapes from my own vines or fruit I grow.
    • Grapes / fruit I purchase at a nearby vineyard / orchard.
    • I buy juice from a winery.
    • I use conentrate "kits".
    • I use frozen concentrates from the supermarket.
    • I use what ever I can find around the house.

2010 Russian River Iron Oaks Vineyard Merlot


I made this wine last year for use in my Bordeaux blends. The resulting wine was so good it was almost a shame to blend most of it away (the blends are the better for it though). I did retain a gallon for varietal bottling and you can bet I'll be holding on to those few bottles carefully.

Preliminary Plan:

  • 108 lbs
  • Crush – 100% Whole Berries
  • Additives:
    • Color Pro 3 - 5 mL
    • Opti-Red or Booster Rouge 10 - 12 g
    • Tannins 8 g

    [*]Yeast: MT[*]Oak: 70 Cubes French Medium Toast


Not changing much from last year's regimen. If the wine is as good as last years I will try to hold onto a few more gallons to bottle straight.


Recommended Comments

10/15 16:30 - Hand destemmed 3) 36lbs. lugs of fruit. Clusters were clean and ripe but more then a few clusters full of pea-sized (but seemingly ripe) berries.

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Began MT yeast stater @ 18:00.


10/16 18:45 Measurements:

Weight: 99lbs.

Brix: 25.0 RM

PH: 3.82 @ 66.4F


10/16 19:45 Adjustments:

53g Tartaric

1.2L Spring Water

10/16 20:15 Additions:

0.9g Lallzyme EX

6g OptiRed/6g Booster Rouge

8g VR Supra Tannin Powder


10/16 24:00 Inoculation:

Pitched Vitilevure MT yeast starter - Must temp: 67F

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10/17 08:30 - Stirred must. Minor activity. Slow to start.


10/17 14:15 - Minor colony formation but better then this morning. Starting to wonder about the starter but activity looked good when pitched. Will let go 6 more hours before building another starter to pitch before the day is out.


10/17 21:45 - Punched cap. 73F. Slight cap formation. Added 9g Fermaid-K.

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10/18 09:25 - Punched cap. 77F. Brix: 20.6


10/18 14:20 - Punched cap. 80F.


10/18 24:00 - Punched cap. 84F. Brix: 10.4 Added 9g Fermaid-K.

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