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2010 Amador Sangiovese - Amador Gold

Peter Lynch


What do you use to make your wine?  

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  1. 1. What do you use to make your wine?

    • Grapes from my own vines or fruit I grow.
    • Grapes / fruit I purchase at a nearby vineyard / orchard.
    • I buy juice from a winery.
    • I use conentrate "kits".
    • I use frozen concentrates from the supermarket.
    • I use what ever I can find around the house.

2010 Amador Gold Sangiovese


Used these grapes in a 2008 Super Tuscan blend with 16% caberent. The wine was very delicate which seems to be the case with Amador Sangiovese but of late it has begun to pick up some grilled meat notes. Looking forward to trying this again.

Preliminary Plan:

  • 72lbs.
  • Crush – 80% Whole Berries / 20% Whole Cluster (if stems have lignified)
  • Additives:
    • Color Pro 2 - 4 mL
    • Opti-Red or Booster Rouge 6 - 8 g
    • Tannins 6 g

    [*]Yeast: BM45[*]Extended Maceration (for additional tannin and woody extract from stems. Seeds must be brown. Attempt at a more tuscan style sangiovese)[*]Oak: 35 Cubes Hungarian Medium Toast


Depending on the fruit and how fermentation progresses I will try to get a bit more extraction out of this wine this time around in an attempt to secure a more Tuscan style sangiovese.


Recommended Comments

10/14 21:00 - Hand destemmed 2) 36lbs. lugs of fruit. Clusters were clean and ripe. Stems green so no whole clusters for fermentation. 100% whole berry.

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Began BM45 yeast stater @ 12:00 AM.


10/15 12:00 Measurements:

Weight: 90lbs.

Brix: 25.4 RM

PH: 3.73 @ 64F


10/15 12:30 Adjustments:

40g Tartaric

1.5L Spring Water

10/15 13:00 Additions:

7mL ColorPro

5g OptiRed/5g Booster Rouge

6g VR Supra Tannin Powder


10/15 19:00 Inoculation:

Pitched Lalvin BM45 yeast starter - Must temp: 65F

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10/16 11:30 - Added 50g American Heavy Toast Oak chips.


10/16 21:00 - Stirred must. Good colony formation. Slight Cap. Added 8g Fermaid-K.


10/16 24:00 - Punched cap. Good formation.

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