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Us Wine Tour

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Hi there everyone, I am a Garagiste from South Africa making about 500 litres of wine a year. Currently I have in the vats, Caberner Sauvignon, Mourvedre and Malbec. I also do some small scale distilling.


I am planning to visit California and surrounds in May/June of 2012 and would like some tips and pointers of places worthwile visiting and staying without breaking the bank. Any suggestions?

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The Banks are already broken, so I don't think there is much chance of additional damage... haha. You'll need a car and a GPS, and this will allow you to find places to stay which are away from the cliche' destinations. Having a well planned trip will also help you avoid those "ga-cha" situation where you are 2 tired to get back to a value oasis. I think planning a trip around festivals or maybe a seminar would be special.

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MM, true about the banks.


any site for festivals or seminars. My trip has now been delayed till August.

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