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My First Mead Experience




About 6 months ago I tried making mead for the first time. It makes me laugh how each different jug I used ended up having totally different measurements of water, honey, and yeast (NOT on purpose). The best thing about making multiple batches and going through a few different runs is the ability to learn from your mistakes. My first time I let the mead sit way too long. It was practically vinegar by the time it came out. The lesson: Start tasting the mead every week or so after it has been sitting for 4 weeks. Depending on the batch it will take varying lengths of time to perfect. My second try was much better, but I still had fun drinking some of my vinegar mead with a splash of sprite on ice every once in a while.(I couldn't figure out how to make images in the blog work... So I added them as attachments)blogentry-21902-130862568909_thumb.jpgblogentry-21902-130862565764_thumb.jpgblogentry-21902-130862567004_thumb.jpgblogentry-21902-130862567981_thumb.jpg



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