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First Batch



Milliorn's Winery!!

My buddies Eric Wenke and Chad Grant started making wine. They bought the equipment and me and Brad went over there and saw the process. I kinda enjoyed it and it looked cool to do. So I went t0 Defalco's which is a store that sells wine and beer making stuff and got started. I bought everything I needed. I even bought two different types of wine making kits. The first one we made was Blackberry Cabernet. It was pretty easy to make, all I did was follow the instructions that came with the kit. First thing you do is pour some benodite packet in the wine bucket with 2 cups of hot water. Then you empty the big bag of juice in the wine bucket and fill the rest up with cool water until it reaches the 6 gallon mark. After that you sprinkle the packet of yeast on top and put the lid on and cover it tight. You then stick the "bubbler" that helps release the co2 is placed in the top of the lid. It is filled halfway up with water and will start bubbling during fermetation. You take that bucket and you put it in a safe place for 5-7 days. We put ours in our closet. After 7 days you take it out and siphon it into the big ozarka bottle leaving most of the sediment in the bottom. It will sit for another 10-14 days and continue fermenting. At this point you will put in the rest of the ingredients. If it is a fruit based wine you put in the fruit juice bag and then the clarity packets and another packet that clears the co2. At this time you can add alcohol. Wenke adds Brandy I decided to add a bottle of "Old Grandad" in honor of my Uncle Lanky who always drank it. You then put the "bubbler back on and let it sit for another 14 days. After that you check it and see if it is clear. If you see anything floating in it let it sit longer. Ours was clear!! So we got the bottles we had bought and collected. You begin siphoning into each bottle. When that was done it was time to cork them. We first put a big bottle in the fridge for sampling. We used the "corker" and corked all 28 bottles. We made labels and labeled all of them. It was a big success. The wine tasted pretty good and it made me proud to have made something that was drinkable. I will contiue to make more. Right now I have a Merlot fermenting and we will see how that goes. Let me know if you would like some and I will give you a bottle.


Ya'll Be Safe Out There!!!!!








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