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  1. is happily bimbling along

  2. 18th Telford wine festival St Georges Cricket club Telford United Kingdom Normally around 550 entries
  3. Knottingley, West yorkshire, United kingdom Import of Italian Wine makeing grapes from Puglia and Sicily, and Spanish Grapes. (grenache) other varietals may be available Merlot Trebbiano Nero D'Avola Ciliegiolo (fab grapes)
  4. Open Wine Show Pontefract West Yorkshire. event includes a section for 250ml PET bottles, why not enter (it costs less than $1 per bottle) PM lockwood1956 for details
  5. Lockwoods Black cherry port filtered not really important......just thought I'd share
  6. And the nominations for best winemaker in 6 warren avenue are..........
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