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  1. I am long time member who seldom posts. I have a small hobby vineyard in Berks Co PA.  Spotted Lanternfly showed first time last year. Wondering, since you recently got commercial applicators license, if you could comment on control methods.  Not much useful information available on line or at county ag agents.

    1. wxtrendsguy


      A blow torch or machine gun works well but not very good for your fruit. haha

      Here is a link to the newest info avail  extension.psu.edu/updated-insecticide-recommendations-for-spotted-lanternfly-on-tree-fruit  ...that being said my goal this year is to begin to build a IPM program that incorporates controlling SLF with my other insect issues.

      So my plan is to scout the vineyard this spring while pruning and look for egg masses.  Then use something that is effective for Leaf Hoppers, the first wave of Japanese Beetles, Grape Berry Moth and SLF nymphs in late June/early July.  The trick here is to get everyone to show up at the same time so I can get em all at once.  Most likely use Belay.  About 2.5 weeks later will do an application of Sevin to control SLF GBM, and JB.  In later July will probably spray Sevin again to take out JB and any SLF who wander in.  By early August or once I see enough adults around  I will do a spray of Brigade.  Then go to Actara around Sept 1 or sooner if I see the adults getting out of control. Then its Dinotefuron switched with Mustang Maxx until harvest.  On the early harvest grapes like Pinot and Chardonnay once harvest is complete I will come along and spray Brigade which should cover us till frost.  Later harvest grapes like Cab and Merlot will spray a dose of Actara to get me to killing frost...

      Good luck we are not planting anything further until the damage from this pest can be determined...its pretty bad though from what we can see.  


    2. shredmtb


      Thanks so much for reply. I did use Sevin last year, did some scraping, but it all seems to be hit or miss. Likewise am not replacing dead vines until I see how it goes this year.  I really enjoy reading your posts on winepress, and I copied/adapted your spray schedule a couple of years ago.  Hope to visit your winery sometime this year. Thanks

    3. wxtrendsguy


      Well hope to see you I am here most weekends except this one.

  2. 30 bottles Chateauneuf du Pape? Nice!

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