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    Reading the Bible. Tending vineyard. Making wine. Playing w/my English Bulldogs. Practicing medicine.

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I didn't want to put a birth date on the web, but I was born in 1962. Raised in Florida. Did a stint in the Army. Spent most of my adult life in Alaska. Degree in Law Enforcement / started out that direction but ended up in medicine as a physician assistant / family practice since 2000 with a few years of mostly weekends in the E.R. Spent most of my practice so far in Washington State, but moved to Nebraska Spring 2009. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and thank The Lord for His grace towards me. I have a little vineyard planted Spring 2009. Helped a friend work his commercial vineyard and winery in Eastern Washington State, so I learned some there. I really like red wines. I like to go to the gym and lift. I should do more cardio work. I am married with kids. I like to karaoke and play Rock Band on XBox. I have an English Bulldog named Piggy (registered name is Miss Snortzenegger). I really appreciate having a forum like this. There is so much information here and the people are nice. -Bret A. Moore

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