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  1. What should I make next?

    1. Crazy Run Ranch

      Crazy Run Ranch

      How about a high quality HDPE basket to separate juice from skins? Something that could be shoved into a ferment at pressing and allow pumping off of free run (or sucking by vac) I'm visualizing a long version of a pool pump suction strainer basket. Maybe 6" OD x 3 feet long. I built a short stainless version but need the longer one for T-bins w/o worrying about it sinking below wine level.

    2. Hammered


      I would think you could whip one up by getting a sheet of perforated HDPE and roll it into a cone the length you want it and just pop rivet the seam, no? US Plastics carries the sheets: http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=23646

  2. Veraison at Three Tree Cellars!

  3. My cellar varies from about 54ºF in the winter to about 64º in the winter. Unless I leave the light on or door open, it will only vary about .5 degrees per day. Cheers!

  4. 's latest blog post was August 6, 2011. www.stevehughes.org/Site/Blog/

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