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  1. Champagne and sparkling wine are two different beverages even though they are both wine and contain fine bubbles. They both could be served only during special occasions. Ordinary people can have a hard time distinguishing the difference between those two beverages. Sparkling wines Sparkling wines are different kinds of wine produced by using a specific fermentation method which stimulates the forming of bubbles. Sparkling wines are also different from one another depending on the technique used for their preparation and the level of alcohol that they may contain. One can therefore find on sale different types of sparkling wines such as: Sparkling wine, Quality sparkling wine, Quality sparkling wine of the aromatic type, crémant and quality sparkling wine produced in a specified region (quality sparkling wine psr). Those wines are also classified based on their sugar content. Thus, we have: Brut nature (0 to 3 gr/l), Extra brut (0 to 6 gr/l), Brut (0 to 12 gr/l), Extra-sec (12 to 17 gr/l), Sec (17 to 32 gr/l), demi-sec (32 to 50 gr/l) and Sweet (more than 50 gr/l). This classification is also valid for champagne. Champagne Champagne is a special kind of sparkling wine included in the quality sparkling wine category produced in a specified region. It is originally from Champagne which is a region located in the north of France. The difference between sparkling wine and champagne depends on the production method. In addition, champagne is produced by respecting a specific winemaking process called the Champenoise method. Furthermore, only three types of grape variety are used in the making of a bottle of champagne. Those grapes are: The Chardonnay, the Pinot Noir and, the Pinot Meunier. People might be wondering the way white wines are made from some black variety of grapes. The reason is actually quite simple: the grapes are pressed without their skins. A rosé champagne in other hand is produced by adding a small amount of red wine to the preparation. Finally, champagne classification is meant to differentiate the different categories that exist which are: vintages, Blancs de Blancs, Blancs de noirs, Rosés and crémant.
  2. It could be quite difficult for someone to find a perfect wine and dish matching unless one is a sommelier, wine expert or has an extended experience in catering service. If you do not belong to any of these groups of people and yet you are planning to impress your guests, it would be wise to purchase a wine guidebook in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Meals, cuisine and wine: a good “ménage à trois” Wine is one of the beverages used to accompany a meal. It is a well-known food complement. It is even one of the emblems of the French gastronomy. It adds the exquisite touch to all dishes. It could be a companion for appetizers, main dishes or deserts. In addition, it helps bring out the taste in all types of meats (pork, lamb, beef, etc.), poultry and seafood. Furthermore, it opens the appetite and facilitates the digestion of foods. People also often use wine as food ingredients since it adds additional flavors to their marinade, sauce and dips. It is advisable to serve this kind of meal at an appropriate temperature in order to enjoy and preserve their natural aroma. How to choose the type of wine appropriate for your meal? Wine and dish matching is very important and could be quite difficult to accomplish due to the multitude types of wines that exist. Indeed, wines are different depending on the color, aroma, origin, vintage and the production method. The way you choose the type of wine to complement your food depends on the nature of your meal. It is therefore very important to find the perfect food and meal matching in order to avoid a failed recipe and a disaster dinner. To conclude, it is important to learn the different types of wine and acquire some knowledge on meal and wine matching. A good wine guidebook would be of a precious help for that situation.
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