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  1. Al, Sent a message a week or so ago, but it might not have gone through. Regarding Tighlock side netting. I switched from VSP to top wire cordon on two rows. Accordingly, I've got two rows of side netting to spare. The rows are 108', so the net is about 220' long. Do you have enough net, or could you use some? j2d2 (Jay Dobbins)

  2. Hi al how are you doing just checking out you vineyard,

    1. Zinfull


      Very nice


    2. HoCo Al

      HoCo Al

      Thanks, Virgilio. I am assuming you mean the pictures I posted recently. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the vines have done in the first year, although I may have too much vigor to contend with. I just planted fescue grass in 4 foot strips between the rows, which look nice but also (I hope) will help to de-vigor the vines some. I am going to try to get a small crop next year of at least a couple of the varieties if the vines continue with this high level of growth and vigor.

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