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  1. is staring at an empty fermenter, and wondering what to put in it next.

  2. I did ok. Out of 4 entries, I took 2nd in two categories.

  3. Steve how did you do at the state fair?

  4. State fair judging is tomorrow.... did you get anything in? I managed to this year... on time too!

    Dustin (pudo)

  5. Thanks for the visit, Steve! Awesome bottle. Passed out from travel fatigue before the promised empty bottle. The thought of it waiting on the counter is really making this Friday go slow!

  6. Steve you should stop over to pick up one of your MN1200 sometime and a glass of wine while you look over the work load that i have not done yet, or would you like to wait and get a green cutting later?

  7. Always love your input Steve

  8. Where: Croatian Hall, 445 2nd Ave S, South St Paul, MN 55075 (Map) Please join the Purple Foot Club for a workshop-style program to discuss finishing and wine faults. Bring a bottle or two of wine from your carboy to share and work with. We’ll supply an array of acids, residual sugar additives, tannin and other chemicals to help finish your wine. We will also discuss various faults that happen in the process of making wine from fermentation to post-bottling. This is a real hands-on way to improve your wine, with advice from the club's most experienced winemakers. Don’t miss it! If you are interested in attending, but are not currently a member, club dues are $15 per year (for an individual or couple).
  9. Last chance to enter the largest wine competition in the US. http://www.in.gov/iwc/
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