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  1. Check out my blog The Blind Guy Cooks at blindguycooks.com.

  2. until
    Wine check in prior to 6 PM on July 21 Judging beginning noon on July 22 Public Tasting beginning 6 PM July 22
  3. Eastern Iowa Wine Club April 2010 meeting at the home of Dale and Chom Winnike. Agenda to be determined.
  4. Eastern Iowa Wine Club May 2010 meeting at the home of Jeff and Penny Fitzgerald. Agenda to be determined.
  5. Eastern Iowa Wine Club March 2010 meeting at the home of Larry and Sandy Points. Agenda to be determined.
  6. February Meeting of the Eastern Iowa Wine Club and Open That Bottle Night. Join us for the February 2010 meeting as we observe Open That Bottle Night! Directions will be sent out via email and posted on the Facebook Fan Page. OTBN began in 2000. We all have that "special" bottle we have been saving for that special event that never seems to happen. It doesn't matter if the wine is expensive or cheap, white or red, or even if it is still good. Saturday, Febraury, 27th at 5:00 PM. Please bring a bottle of wine and a dish to pass Pat and Mary McCusker. Agenda Items: 1. Welcome new members 2. Installation of Officers 3. Committee Reports 4. New Business 5. 6pm - FOOD (pot-luck - bring a dish to pass)
  7. EIWC January 2010 Meeting. Don't miss this IMPORTANT annual meeting of the Eastern Iowa Wine Club (EIWC). Brad & Jill Johnson will host the meeting/gathering at the Historic "Ray House" in beautiful downtown Vinton, IA. Tentative Schedule - Begin at 5pm 1. Welcome new members 2. Overview of 2009 3. Preview of 2010 (grape order, competition, Wine Camp) 4. New Officer - election 5. 6pm - FOOD (pot-luck - bring a dish to pass) 6. Educational Activities 7. Fun Stuff
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