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  1. Thanks Joe.. I noticed the decline in participation as well and started to think maybe folks were keen to defect to a ‘better’ place.  I’ll admit winemaker subscription was a reaction as I was just frustrated with the wine press in general.  It has not been all that useful yet.  A lot of marginally informative but non interactive content.  Wine press provides what I lack:  the ability to interact with wine makers.  I’m in a desert here in Dayton.   

    Here’s a question for you:  PH probe.  I’m making very small batches of wine twice a year.  I’d say 15-20 gallons, plus now creating some sparkling wines from the whites.  Slowly expanding operation, trying to make competitive wines and new varietals all the time (and port which at least for a couple competitions is my flagship) I’ve had the meter for about 7 years.  I suspect the meter is fine, it’s an off brand that was suggested to me by a guy on here who went pro.  It’s remarkable hard to find good information on a BNC type replacement probe for a guy like me or what a good Ph meter is for my size operation.  The meter does not show up on internet searches any more (ph meter 2602) is all I have on it.  I assume the probe is getting worn out, requires major calibration and seems to take forever to settle on a reading.  I suspect it has led me astray a few times.  Thanks in advance, 


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    2. OptimusWine


      Joe, do you bother with the 7pH calibration buffer?  I’ve wondered if it is a waste of time.  I see it referenced in some winemaking articles.

    3. Joe_Sallo


      Actually that is the most important buffer, its sets zero.  What you are doing is setting the starting point and end points with the buffers.   All probes drift so you want to use both the 7 to create the baseline and a 3 or 4 for the span adjustment for wine.


    4. OptimusWine


      Copy, will use both. Thanks,


  2. Mine finally gave up the ghost. A company makes them now, sold under AimTab Reducing Substance Tablets. Of course they cost 2 to 4 times what i could get 100 Clinitest for but the reality is i rarely got through a whole bottle before they went bad so it is what it is. Maybe they are doing me a favor selling only 36 tab bottles. I think they do foil packs too.
  3. Where can you find clinitest? I thought Bayer quit making them again
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