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The Rewards Of Searching

Peter Lynch



What do you use to make your wine?  

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  1. 1. What do you use to make your wine?

    • Grapes from my own vines or fruit I grow.
    • Grapes / fruit I purchase at a nearby vineyard / orchard.
    • I buy juice from a winery.
    • I use conentrate "kits".
    • I use frozen concentrates from the supermarket.
    • I use what ever I can find around the house.

As a programmer I've spent years searching for information on the internet, blogs and boards that will answer my question(s). The one thing I have learned is that you MUST be tenacious and methodical.


This board is a wealth of winemaking knowledge & experience. I would hazard to say that any question you might have has been asked and answered (or at least opined upon) several times. If you stay long enough you will begin to see question repetition. This is not unexpected as new winemakers have to address all of the challenges that the experienced have. The issue is that perhaps many experienced board members (I can speak only for myself of course) after having addressed a question (usually several times) might be less inclined to re-address it in depth (if at all). This is a loss as this board contains those in-depth answers BUT you have to search for them.


It can be tedious. You have to keep poking at the search engine - modifying keywords, the display order, looking at ultimately unrelated threads (tangential learning experiences ;)) but there a great pearls of winemaking wisdom to be had here. Don't give up, keep at it and, more often then not, you will be rewarded with a better understanding and more refined questions.


Just my 2 cents. smileycheers.gif



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