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2010 California Lodi Gold Chardonnay (#2 - Naked)

Peter Lynch



This year I'm going to try to blog about all of my wines for the Fall California season. If it works out well I'll continue into the Spring South American season and so on. There will be a separate post on each wine so people can read their interest. Please feel free to comment. smileycheers.gif

2010 California Lodi Gold Chardonnay (#2 - Naked)


The target style for this wine will be fruit forward, un-oaked chardonnay.


Preliminary Plan:

Chardonnay – 6 gal. Juice

  • Additives:
    • Opti-White 10 - 12 g

    [*]Yeast: V1116 (K1)[*]Treatment: Cold Stabilization[*]Bulk Aging: 4-6 months in carboy


Unlike many critics who find the chardonnay boring unless dressed up with oak, butter and yeast, I find naked chardonnays compelling. Great fruit - sometimes peach, sometimes tropical fruit - certainly not boring. Fermented cool and cold stabilized post fermentation for 1 months @ frig temps (43F). After CS bulk aged 4-6 months in carboy. Wine to be filtered with 1 micron pads prior to bottling.



Recommended Comments

Received juice yesterday. 6 gallon pail Lodi Gold Chardonnay. Placed in frig to keep cold. Transferred to 7.9 gallon PF bucket this morning. Juice color was dark yellow/brown. Took a 500 mL sample for testing and yeast starter. Will measure Brix/PH from sample once it warms up a bit. Will begin yeast starter after measurements. Will make any adjustments prior to pitching the yeast in about 6-8 hours.

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40g Tartaric

PH: 3.45



10g Opti-White



19:00 - Pitched Lalvin K1-V1116 yeast starter - Must temp: 67F



I decided not to adjust the Brix upward because I wanted an under 13% ABV white. We drink a lot of white in our house and the 14%+ stuff just wears me out. Looking forward to 12% and more then one glass on a week night. luxhello.gif

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05/08/11 11:00 - Racked to 6 gal. better bottle. Wine hazy with suspended particles (yeasts). Added 1 package chitosan (from some kit) to add in clearing in preparation for filtering.

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