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The Appropriateness Of Additives

Peter Lynch



Without starting a ideological war I'd like to comment a bit on the appropriateness of additives in winemaking as the topic often comes up just prior and during crush season.


Every winemaker has a philosophy about the wine making process. Some are strict non-interventionists. Some draw a line at certain things. Others say bring it on. I'm probably somewhere in the middle. However, it is important to recognize that winemaking, like most human endeavors, is a manipulative process from beginning to end. Hundreds if not thousands of decisions manipulate the product in an attempt to produce the best (sell-able, drink-able, etc) wine possible. I do not assume that because a wine was less or more "manipulated" (for whatever that means to any given person) that it will be intrinsically better somehow. It may be, it may not be.


Additives are tools, nothing more. Can they be used badly - of course - but that does not make all use inherently bad. If using an additive produces a generally better result then otherwise would have been possible should we considered it inappropriate to have used the additive? At least I don't think so.


Anyway, that's my 2 cents. smileycheers.gif



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