Wine Season is Quickly Approaching

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Everyone at MoreBeer and MoreWine is getting excited about the upcoming wine season. There is a lot going on! We have six new wine strains, new nutrient additions, and new enzymes. Also available are a new Vacuum Aspiration system for accurate testing of sulphite levels that will be available in approximately two weeks and MoreWine’s own Chromatography kit for testing the completion of Malolactic Fermentation.

We are now accepting reservations for our annual Communal Winemaking Class, which usually happens in the middle of September. This is a hands-on, two-day course, taught by our winemaker Shea Comfort, where you’re actually involved in the crush and then one week later, the press. Get on the sign up list early as participation is limited (925-671-4958 or by e-mail). We are also proud to announce that we are brokering premium quality grapes, such as Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Pinot Noir to local customers from the Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, Green Valley, and El Dorado Hills appellations. Shea has been making small lots of wine from most of these vineyards for the last few years and samples (and tips) are available ahead of time to interested buyers. Prices range from $.80 to $1.50 per pound. See the link for more information.

For the Begginer - The communal Class, beggining kits, access to premium grapes, manuals (see below), in-store help, books, and much more for the first time wine maker.

For Everyone - The class, access to premium grapes, rentals, in house lab (see below), new yeasts, enzymes, thousands of products in stock to help you make the perfect wine.

For the Advanced - Hi end testing equipment (new vacumm asperation), source for hard to find professional yeast strains and enzymes, access to premium grapes, in house lab (see below), high end equipment, full welding shop to custom make anything you need.

MoreWine Manuals

MoreWine Red Wine Making Manual

MoreWine White Wine Making Manual

MoreWine Communal Wine Class

MoreWine 2003 Grape Availability

MoreWine Total Acid Testing

MoreWine Yeast Rehydration Guide

MoreWine Oak Barrel Care Guide

Wine Testing In Our In House Lab
Testing Service
Amount of Wine Needed
Price Per Test
Total Acidity
20 mls
Free SO2
50 mls
50 mls
Residual Sugar
20 mls
Maloactic Chromotography
50 mls
$15.00 for 1st test
$10.00 each additional

Home roasting coffee is easy, fun and makes a great gift. We have many varieties of coffee beans, from Ethopian to Sumatra, and even decaf. Please visit our new coffee section for many new coffee related products including kettles, french presses, coffee makers, grinders, and more.

As always, we appreciate your support, and thank you for visiting Beer, Beer & More Beer.

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