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Thank You for visiting www.WinePress.US   This web site has the largest wine making & grape growing discussion forum on the entire Internet.   This is a little bit of information about my journey to make a fine home made wine and grow grapes along with a couple friends' assistance.   One is my girlfriend, another a friend who is opening his own winery soon, an old college buddy and other friends occasionally dropping by to help or sample.

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Here are the February 2005 Stats.  This makes four consecutive months of right at 3 million hits each month.  (Feb was a short month)

Hits Entire Site (Successful) 2,850,196
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Back in March, 2004, we had only 865,000 hits, this forum is truly a forum for all wine makers, manufacturers, wineries, vineyards, suppliers and such.    

New Vineyard Photos!!  Photos from planting 6 Vignole vines, our test of the two grow tube styles, and 2003 photos are now in the "Vineyard Life" section.  Be sure to look at "Year #2" and "Year #3".  Year four photos will be posted soon. 


Recently, I have had a lot of request about where I got the signs I have on my carboys.   Well I just took some Mardi Gras beads (everyone has some of these around the house) and cut them to about 10 inches.   Then I cut up some thin plastic, which I believe was excess bathroom shower liner I had cut off some time ago.  I made small squares for the labels, and glued the Mardi Gras beads to them.   Then I just used my label maker for the wine type and year.   I kept mine in separate lines so I can don't have to print out full labels each time.  I'll just keep them from each type and change the year with each new batch.   If you've got a good idea, be sure to mention it in the wine forum where everyone is constantly learning.

I received a Bronze Medal in my first amateur wine making competition!!!
I sent an entry into the WineMaker International 2002 Wine Competition in Vermont. There were entries from 4 different countries and over 41 of the US states.  I really didn't expect to get anything but wanted the report to see if I was going in the right direction.  I figured that for $15, the full report on my first batch of wine will be very useful for future reference.    The only problem now is that out of the 30 bottles of wine I started with, I only have about 5 that haven't recently pushed the corks back out.   For some reason, they are wanting to start fermenting again.   We're just drinking them during the holidays.   :o)~

This wine has since taken another bronze medal in another wine contest.  I've also received a silver for a merlot Wine Expert kit, a bronze for a Blackberry and a bronze for my Mulberry wine.


Back to the Basics....
My passion for wine started over a year ago with my girlfriend, upon meeting her brother and father who make wine in their basement in the hills of Missouri.  
This site is to provide information to others interested in making wine at home and grape growing.  Learn from my mistakes and some of my good fortunes. 

I have tried making or have already have made.....
I have made or am currently making........


Concord Grape


Apple Cinnamon


Cranberry Apple
















Pinot Noir (from kit)


California Blush (from kit)

I spent weeks researching on the Internet only to get bits and pieces of information.  Here are my findings as well as the lessons I've learned along the way.

I want to give a special thanks to my girlfriend Sherry, her father and brother, and my friend Dale for igniting this new passion I have for making wine from vines to the finished product.   It is a great feeling to see someone drink a glass of your wine and have a smile come across their face.   I hope you see my enthusiasm and enjoy the site.


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