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Posted 22 September 2009 - 07:28 PM

Ummmmmm..yummy with your fav wine (white or red). And for a light meal/lunch it's great, and I had this more or less like this as supper (dinner to you non-hillbilly's) tonight

Take some good Italian or French bread...er make your own like I do.
Slice it 1/2" to 1" ?? thick like you want it or like it. (if someone in the family likes it either thicker or thinner then you make it---let them make it next time!..hehe) smile.gif
Rub/sprinkle/use a paint brush or roller or whatever and get some Olive Oil on both sides.
Lightly toast it under the broiler or oven or with a toaster or out on your BBQ even...both sides.
Rub some fresh garlic over it..or powder or crushed garlic...get some garlic on the toast one way er another.
Put some Sun-dried Tomatoes on top..sprinkle some fresh Basil chopped up (or dried) or a whole leaf even...some onion powder/chopped fine onions on top.
Sun-dried Tomaotes...or some fresh Roma tomatoes sliced thin..1/8th to 1/4" thick..and put in microwave (spice/herb them up before dehydrating/warming/cooking with basil/onion/whatever) for a few minutes. Warming/dehydrating concentrates the flavor a lot.
Or stick some white/brown beans slightly mashed on top instead of or with the tomatoes even...your choice here.
Stick back under the broiler for a few minutes to slightly brown the whole top...grate some fresh Asiago or Romano or Parmesan cheese on top while it's hot.
Sprinkling some dried chopped Tarragon on top at this point is yummy to me.
Hint....burned Tarragon or Olive Oil is bitter..go slow with toasting the bread at first..and put the Tarragon on last with the Cheese after toasting/cookin the mess.
Serve as appetizers (party finger "sammach"?) or as a light lunch with some good red or white wine as you like.
There's as many ways to make this as opinions of the best wine...make it with Spinash leaves on top..add other spices, it's very adaptable.

And actually it's Crostini instead of "bruschetta"--but I ain't that particular with a name when it's tasty. smileytoast.gif .

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