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Zinfull → Purple Grin Winery

Yeah me too!!
That took some determination with a beautiful outcome.
Jun 07 2011 07:35 PM

Purple Grin Winery → BubbRubb

Hey Aaron. What's the latest on your vines?
May 17 2011 06:39 PM
  • BubbRubb's Photo
    Didn't see this until just now. The vines are doing OK. Had a nasty scrape with skeltonizers this year. I ended up with 13 gallons of must and just hoping I don't mess up up the wine making and end up with a lifetime supply of salad dressing.
    Sep 27 2011 12:07 PM

Purple Grin Winery → Birdman308

Thanks for the props, dude. We enjoy our cave daily.....uhh...and nightly! It really is satisfying that we did it ourselves, just like wine. This is a scary life-trend.
Oct 11 2010 05:40 PM

Birdman308 → Purple Grin Winery

I am blown away by your construction of the wine cave on your website! Bravo!!
Oct 11 2010 04:42 PM

Purple Grin Winery → NorthernWiner

Thanks for the visit, Steve! Awesome bottle. Passed out from travel fatigue before the promised empty bottle. The thought of it waiting on the counter is really making this Friday go slow!
Jun 25 2010 08:24 AM

Purple Grin Winery

definitely has a status
Jan 07 2010 10:07 AM