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Doyle → dyoung 79

emailing on the forum is a bit of a pain, you can email me directly at doyle@gigatest.com. I did post a response to your email.
Jul 27 2011 05:49 PM

hz3gzy → Doyle

Hi Doyle, I was wondering for some advise. I have a Cagernet Sauvignon fom Brehm that has been aging for close to 14 months, 6 months in a new 50L French oak barrel. It seems to be pretty oaky and I would like to either bottle it or rack it out of the barrel. Is there any advantage to racking it and letting it bulk age a few more months?
I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks
Jul 20 2011 04:03 AM

Doyle → Crazy Run Ranch

Hi Steve,
Hey our kitchen remodel is about finished and now my wife is ready to kick me out of the garage so she can finally put her car in it. So, I am planning to have a 10x12 Gabled Shed built in the backyard on what used to be our kids concrete sport court. I saw you had built one and wanted some tips. Sounds like 2x6 walls with R19 Bats and then 2" metallic Foam inside of tha...
Jun 14 2010 04:45 PM

Doyle → yogi

Hey Happy Birthday Yogi. Haven't seen you in the threads lately.
Apr 03 2009 03:05 PM